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Digital marketing is a modern concept that need a new way of approaching
customers and new process of understanding how customers acts compared to traditional marketing. While reaching customers, Digital Marketing makes put together the use of internet, mobile devices, social media, search engines, and some other channels. It is a modern type of marketing which uses the digital platform. Marketing does not means that we have to proceed to door by door and do the marketing. Using digital marketing we can do marketing by sitting at own place. 

Digital Marketing uses the modern platform like Facebook, YouTube,
Google, Instagram for marketing. It is invented of two words digital and marketing. Digital means using those electronics devices and doing marketing by the use of electronics devices. It is uprising day by day because almost 90% are using internet in their daily life. Usually they spent most of their time surfing in social media like Facebook, Instagram, twitter, etc.

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Why Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing Training Program helps you to seize the gret opportunity to
accelerate your career & financial status where you always desired it to be. This Course is designed for professionals looking to develop as well as enhance their skills with the latest digital marketing techniques and concepts applicable to roles in marketing management, advertising and branding .After completion of the course, students will develop a comprehensive digital marketing strategy which includes search marketing, social media, and email campaigns, to receive a certificate in digital marketing. To create a Brand awareness: More and more people will get to know about your brand. Acquisition and lead generation: Will help to reach people who’ve never bought from you before and bring them into your buyer’s journey. Growth from the existing customers: Those people who’ve already bought from you before to buy more frequently and buy a different kind of product.


• Digital Marketing Introduction
• Digital Marketing Vs Traditional Marketing
• Digital Marketing Channels
• Digital Marketing Scope & Career

Introduction To AI In Digital Marketing
– Understand What Is AI In Ditital Marketing
– Benefit Of Using AI In Digital Marketing
– Overview Of Top Trending Popular AI Tools In Digital Marketing

– Chatgpt
– Copy.Ai
– Rytr
– Midjourney
– Captions

• Understanding Blog & Post
• Introduction To Blogger.Com
• Creating Post & Pages
• Customizing Theme & Setting

• Introduction To Domain & Hosting
• Introduction To WordPress
• Installing Themes
• Installing Plugins
• Creating & Designing Web Pages
• Using Elementor (Page Builder)

• Understanding E-Commerce
• Installing Woo – Commerce
• Product Listing
• Store Setup Setting

• Introduction To Canva
• Creating Logo
• Creating Social Media Post

• Introduction To Powtoon
• Creating Animated Video
• Creating Presentation Video

Introduction To Instagram Reels
How To Create Engaging Reels Content
Techniques To Create And Shoot Reels
Matching-Up With Trending Audio & Music
Understanding & Applying Latest Trends & Challenges
How To Grow Audience With Reels

• What Is Search Engine
• Top Search Engines
• How Search Engine Works

• What Is SEO
• Types Of SEO

• What Are Meta Tags & Importance
• Meta Title
• Meta Description
• Meta Keywords
• URL Optimization
• Content Optimization
• Keywords / Keywords Density
• Bold / Italic / Underline
• Heading 1 To 6
• Anchor Text
• Page Load Time Optimization
• Image Optimization
• Favicon

• What Are Backlinks & Its Importance
• Precautions To Create Backlinks
• Domain & Page Authority
• Do Follow & No Follow
• Keyword In Anchor Text
• Where & How To Create Backlinks
• Business Directory Sites
• Social Book Marketing Sites
• Video Submission Sites
• PPT Submission Sites
• Image Submission Sites
• Blog Commenting
• Guest Posting
• Web 2.0

• What Is Sitemap & Importance
• What Is Robots.Txt & Importance
• What Is SSL & Importance
• What Is Schema & Importance
• What Is AMP & Importance
• 404 Error
• 301 / 302 Redirection
• Canonical Tag

• Local SEO Introduction
• Local SEO Ranking Factors
• Google My Business Setup

• Video Optimization Introduction
• Video Ranking Factors
• Youtube Studio Video Setup

• What Is Keyword & Keyword Research
• Tools Used For Keyword Research
• How To Use Keyword Planner
• Types Of Keywords

• What Is Google Algorithm
• Impacts Of Google Algorithm
• Panda
• Penguin
• Hummingbird
• Google Mobile-Friendly Update
• Pigeon
• SandBox
• Google RankBrain
• Google Possum
• Google Fred

• White Hat SEO Techniques
• BlackHat SEO Techniques
• Gray Hat SEO Techniques

  • On Page SEO Audit Reports 
  • Off Page SEO Audit Reaports 
  • Introduction To Competitors Analysis 
  • Tools For Competitor Analysis 

Writing SEO Friendly Content
Focus Keyword Research
LSI Keywords
Highlight Keywords
Content Structures
Type Of SEO Content

How To Find Website’s To Create Links

Creating Backlinks Practically For Website

  • Creating Facebook Account
  • Creating Business Page
  • Adding Business Logo & Cover Pictures
  • Overview Of Business Page
  • Creating Instagram Business Account
  • Setup Business Account Setting
  • Overview Of Business Account
  • Creating Facebook Account
  • Creating Business Page
  • Adding Business Logo & Cover Pictures
  • Overview Of Business Page
  • How To Find Jobs Using Linkedin Jobs

• What Is Social Media Automation
• Tools Used For Social Media Automation
• Schedule Post & Connect Social Channels

• Creating Social Media Calendar List
• Monthly

  • Understanding Content Marketing 
  • Types Of Content Fomat 
  • Creating Dynamic Content 

Introduction To Copywriting & Adcopy
– Role Of Copywriting In Digital Marketing
– Role Of Adcopy In Digital Marketing

Understanding Target Audience
– How To Do Market Research & Competitor Analysis
– Finding Out Customer Needs, Pain Points And Trends

Storytelling Using Copywriting

Creating Best Call To Action (CTAs) AdCopy

  • What Is Influencer Marketing 
  • Case Study Of Influencer Marketing 

• What Is Lead
• Methods To Generate Traffic
• Landing Page Optimization
• Understanding Thank You Page

• Landing Page Optimization
• Understanding Thank You Page

• Basic Facebook & Instagram Ads
• Introduction To Ad Manager
• Types Of Ads (Ad Manager)

• Introduction To Linkedin Marketing
• Types Of Ads (Linkedin Marketing)

• What Is Remarketing
• Benefit Of Remarketing
• Creating Of Remarketing Campaigns

• Introduction To Search Engine Marketing
• Concept Of PPC
• Understanding Bidding Strategy
• Types Of Ad Extension
• Ad Group Setup
• Types Of Keywords
• Dynamics Ads
• Quality Score
• Ad Rank

• Introduction To Online Display Marketing
• Bidding Strategy
• Understanding Ad Group
• Creating Responsive Ads

  • • Understanding Shopping Campaign
    • Creating Merchant Center Account
    • Adding Product To Merchant Account
    • Creating Shopping Campaign
  • Understanding Video Ads Campaign
  • Types Of Video Ads Options
  • Upload Video On Youtube For Video Marketing
  • Creating App Campaign
  • Understanding IOS And Android App
  • Selecting App To Promote
  • Creating Discovery Campaign
  • Understanding Carousal Ads
  • Understanding Performance Max Campaign
  • Platform To Promote On Performance
  • Bidding Strategy
  • • Introduction To Search Console
    • Submitting Sitemap
    • Submitting International Targeting
    • Understanding Organic Performance
  • Waht Sis Google Analytics
  • Importance To Google Analytics
  • Real Time Traffic
  • Audience
  • Acquations
  • Behaviors

• Introduction To Growth Hacking
• Case Study Of Growth Hacking

• What Is ORM
• Importance Of ORM
• Review & Complaints

  • • What Is Email Marketing
    • Benefits Of Email Marketing
    • Creating Subscriber List
    • Creating Template
    • Reporting

• Importance Of Whatsapp Marketing
• Benefit Of Whatsapp Business
• Setup Of Whatsapp Business

  • • What Is Blogging
    • Topic Selection
    • Formats Of Blogging
    • Monetization

• What Is Google Adsense
• How To Apply For Google Adsense
• Adsense Policy

  • What Is Affiliate Marketing
  • How To Apply For Affiliate Marketing
  • Strategy For Affiliate Marketing

• What Is Dropshipping
• Understanding Dropshipping Concept
• Case Studies Of Dropshipping

• What Is Freelancing
• How Freelancing Works
• How To Quote Client
• How To Get Clients
• Creating Freelancing Portfolio

• Creating Resume
• Portfolio Building

• Creating Resume
• Portfolio Building

• Interview Question

  • • 1 On 1 Mock Test

Digital Marketing Training Batches, Fee & Duration

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Hours Row 2, Cell 2 Row 2, Cell 3 Row 1, Cell 3
Training Mode Row 3, Cell 2 Row 3, Cell 3 Row 1, Cell 3
Course Fee Row 3, Cell 2 Row 3, Cell 3 Row 1, Cell 3

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